Extracurricular activities

Downtime is a beautiful thing. Sure, it can be used to complete entire seasons on pointless browser-based football games - but it can also be used to knock up nice things for the internet to enjoy. Or even run a market stall based almost entirely on a pun.

Probably a SxSW Talk

Upon noticing the increasingly-ridiculous subject matters discussed at SxSW, we decided to gently lampoon the whole thing with a single-serve webpage. It went down well.


Hotdogs are delicious, but they sure are messy. Back in 2014, Alex and his pal decided to do something about this - namely, a market stall which they ran every Saturday for 9 months, alongside full time advertising jobs. They fed sausages to a lot of happy people, and even got in the Telegraph.

Kringle or Kriminal?

Kringle or Kriminal was an addictive game knocked up by Andy that asked players the age-old question - is this bearded old dude a Santa Claus, or a convicted felon?

This Isn't Dare

When Dare ripped off Alan Trotter's telescopic text site, Andy and some friends decided to rip their site off - all in the name of championing creative originality. 

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