Hijacking clean eating to launch something a lot dirtier

What better way to launch a gloriously filthy burger than join the growing backlash against the pious people set on making food ‘clean’? 

In early 2017, with the clean eating trend at its height, and the public growing increasingly bored of it, we fooled the world into thinking KFC had abandoned its fast food roots and hopped on the health food bandwagon. But all wasn’t quite as it seemed…

Client: KFC               Project: #CleanEating Burger               Year: 2017

Ice cube relish, anyone?

Let’s start at the beginning – a 10-second tease announcing our ‘new’ burger, out of the blue. A clean eating product coming from fast food legends KFC understandably sent the internet into uproar, with 50,000 comments and 5 million views in a couple of days – from just £5,000 of media spend. 

Getting Figgy with it

To give the #CleanEating Burger some extra authenticity, we introduced it ‘in collaboration’ with a fake food blogger – Figgy Poppleton-Rice. Giving Figgy her own social channels, blog, and tone of voice allowed us to poke further fun at the joyless stereotypes of the clean eating world.

The rug-pull

After letting the conversation simmer away over the weekend, we landed our big reveal on the Monday – a two-minute film in which Figgy herself made the #CleanEating Burger, in classic YouTube food blogger style. It lampooned the fun-free world of clean eating one last time, before introducing the antidote to boring health foods: KFC’s Dirty Louisiana burger – which, thanks to our campaign, sold out in 70% of restaurants in just 3 weeks.


By: KingJordan               Role: Creative | Scriptwriting | Directing | Copywriting | Art Direction | Photography               Agency: BBH

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