Turning fries into rice with a little help from a big man

One of KFC’s least popular products is the Ricebox. But when you think about it, it’s essentially a carb swap; it’s the same great chicken, just with rice, instead of the usual fries. While trying to find a culturally relevant way of landing this, we realised that ‘rice’ sounded a lot like ‘fries’, and recalled one of Game of Thrones’ most dramatic and poignant scenes.

Client: KFC               Project: Ricebox – ‘Lunchtime is Coming’               Year: 2017

Blockbuster results

With Kristian Nairn (Hodor) and director Ben Taylor onboard – and a release date planned just days before the premiere of the new Game of Thrones season – we had all the ingredients for success. And success was what we got, with a piece of film which truly went ‘viral’. On Facebook alone, we got 12m views and 35m impressions within a week, 80% of which were organic. It was reported in the media of dozens of countries around the world, and even made TV reports in the US and India. At the last count, there were 28 pages of Google results. And best of all, we put Hodor in a KFC uniform.

Good-looking rice

To complement our online film, we created a striking out-of-home design to hero its point of difference – the rice.


By: KingJordan               Role: Creative | Scriptwriting | Directing | Copywriting | Art Direction | Photography               Agency: BBH

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