Making 100% Irish chicken even more Irish

Each St. Patrick’s Day, more and more brands fall foul of releasing ill-conceived ‘Irish-themed’ products – which are usually not Irish in the slightest. But in 2017, KFC’s St. Paddy’s Day special – the O’Sanders Feast – was actually made with 100% Irish chicken. We wanted to land this message with our Irish fanbase, but also poke fun at the American approach of making something Irish by simply allaying it with a lazy stereotype. In our social film and radio, Randy, KFC's American marketing guru, shows us how he thinks he can make the 100% Irish chicken in the O’Sanders Feast even more Irish.

Client: KFC               Project: O’Sanders Feast               Year: 2017


By: KingJordan               Role: Creative | Scriptwriting | Directing | Art Direction               Agency: BBH

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