Causing chaos with Lynx's first-ever female fragrance

What happens when Lynx - a brand with a proud male bias - suddenly decides to bring out a limited edition spray for females? Chaos ensues, of course. Lynx Attract For Him + For Her were two fragrances released in tandem, which, when sprayed together, promised to 'unleash the chaos'. It was our job to convey that through digital and PR - and here's how we did it:

Client: Lynx               Project: Attract               Year: 2012


Attracting awards

The highlight of the campaign was undoubtedly the hidden camera stunt we carried out on the unsuspecting people of Leeds - and scooping a handful of accolades, including a Rev award and two silver DMAs.


By: KingJordan               Role: Creative | Copywriting | Art Direction | Scriptwrting | Directing | Design               Agency: TMW

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