Getting the country singing along with Sainsbury's

For Christmas 2016, Sainsbury's ran with an all-singing, all-dancing TVC featuring an incredibly catchy tune, delivered by none other than James Corden. With the song itself so prominent in the ad, and so darn singable, we were tasked to get the nation crooning along with Sainsbury's.

Client: Sainsbury's               Project: The Greatest Gift               Year: 2016

Snap it up

We quickly identified Snapchat as the perfect medium – somewhere our fans would share videos of them singing, without feeling unnatural. But we wanted to make sure our lens gave a unique experience to other branded lenses. The solution was a Snapchat first – a karaoke lens. Fans got ten seconds to sing the chorus of The Greatest Gift, with the lyrics popping up, karaoke-style, at the bottom of the screen. The lens also turned fans into 'Dave', the recognisable hero of the TVC – and proved a hit with fans and celebs alike.

Karaoke capers

With the Snapchat lens targetting a particular audience, we were also keen to give our audience a more tangible, real-world singing experience. A pop-up karaoke booth at one of the country's busiest malls (in the midst of Christmas shopping season) delivered just this – even replicating the lens-mapping tech from our Snapchat activity. And to give the whole thing a twist, we secretly streamed the crooning fans on Facebook Live, without them knowing it. Once we revealed our prank to the victims, they (mostly) found it pretty funny... 


By: KingJordan               Role: Creative | Copywriting | Art Direction | Scriptwriting | Directing               Agency: AnalogFolk

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